November 2017 26
The Case Against Online Dating
Posted By : Karen J. Maroda

In my last blog post I talked about Todd McGowan’s book Capitalism and Desire, discussing how capitalism has infused every aspect of our lives.  I briefly mentioned that Professor McGowan included online dating in his…

February 2015 20
New Location
Posted By : Karen J. Maroda

It's been a while since I have blogged, in part due to moving my private practice office. My new location is 2350 N. Lake Drive, Suite 408, Milwaukee, WI, 53211. Look for a new blog…

May 2014 08
What Freud Might Tell President Obama
Posted By : Karen J. Maroda

The world stands horrified by the terrorist kidnapping of dozens of Nigerian schoolgirls, feared already “distributed” as sexual slaves and unrecoverable. The additional killing of 125 villagers by the same group confirms their meaningless bloodlust.…