15 Jan

Why I am starting a blog

I decided to add a blog to my website because there are many opinions I form as I watch world events unfolding, from quirky celebrity behaviors to grave tragedies like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.  As gratifying as my academic writing is for me, I have never had the opportunity to voice the daily observations I make about the world outside my consulting room.  So creating a blog seemed like the natural choice for someone who is constantly seeing the world through a psychological lens.  And it is my hope that some of these observations will be interesting or helpful to those of you who read them.

The American Psychological Association has called for its members to be more active and visible in the world, providing more psychological education to those who seek it and to give the world outside our consulting rooms a feel for who psychologists are and what we can provide.  In that spirit I will be discussing psychological and psychoanalytic principles in everyday language and applying them whenever possible to local, national and international events, as well as our culture at large.  I look forward to expressing my opinions and hearing back from those of you who choose to read them.  Due to time constraints I will be responding to one or two readers’ comments  per week , based on what is most interesting to me and on content that deals  directly with the topic at hand. I appreciate your interest in my views and hope to create a meaningful dialogue.

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