September 2021 14
Therapists Are Human Too
Posted By : Kou Vang

Dr. Karen Maroda - Therapists Are Human Too EPISODE #15  Every once in a while, as a psychotherapist you come across an author who’s work really resonates with you. It challenges, inspires, and makes a…

May 2014 08
What Freud Might Tell President Obama
Posted By : Karen J. Maroda

The world stands horrified by the terrorist kidnapping of dozens of Nigerian schoolgirls, feared already “distributed” as sexual slaves and unrecoverable. The additional killing of 125 villagers by the same group confirms their meaningless bloodlust.…

February 2014 02
Making Good Decisions: Part II
Posted By : Karen J. Maroda

This blog entry is a continuation of the previous one aimed at understanding the decision-making process, particularly with regard to conscious versus unconscious processing and the emphasis of intellectual reasoning versus intuition. In my previous…

October 2013 15
Hiding Your Feelings Is About to Get Harder
Posted By : Karen J. Maroda

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 In last Sunday’s New York Times business section there is a fascinating, yet disturbing piece called, “In a Mood? Call Center Agents Can Tell.” It talks about new technology that can…

June 2013 08
Is Change Possible?
Posted By : Karen J. Maroda

Arguably the most common question I have been asked in over thirty years of practicing psychotherapy and psychoanalysis is whether change is really possible.You may think that this question is born out of the frustration…