February 2019 23
How to Choose a Psychologist
Posted By : Karen J. Maroda

(The following post is reprinted from the American Psychological Association web page where it can also be viewed.) At some time in our lives, each of us may feel overwhelmed and may need help dealing…

June 2013 28
Why We Can’t Cure Obesity
Posted By : Karen J. Maroda

The latest desperate effort at combating obesity comes in the form of the American Medical Association officially declaring it a disease last week. No one has actually declared war on obesity yet, but I trust…

January 2013 15
Why I am starting a blog
Posted By : Karen J. Maroda

I decided to add a blog to my website because there are many opinions I form as I watch world events unfolding, from quirky celebrity behaviors to grave tragedies like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. …